Aug. 21st, 2017

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Today was switchover day. We checked out of the cottage after breakfast and packing up the rest of things. We moved the car from the Bosrijk parking lot to the main lot for Efteling. We went on Symbolica one last time and a few other rides. I had an upset stomach, but had noodles at Toko Pagode and those helped.

We drove north to Heerenveen and visited A. I had no gift, so I felt bad, and there had been some confusion about when we were arriving in Fryslan, but that's okay, we had a nice chat. We went back to Diever in time for dinner and at at the Nieuws Cafe. We picked up bicycles. We chatted with our host. We wandered part of the Monday Market in Diever. And a woman gave A. a pink rose with a little card attached about how Jesus can help you with stress. A little weird, but she didn't ask for a donation, so I'm not going to complain.

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