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We had a morning visit with A. She gave me a lovely traditional Frysk bag with a silver closure and a hand made lined bag with needlepoint. The closure would traditionally have been reused -- a new bag made at intervals, so it is unlikely this is the original needlepoint, but it is particularly lovely to have as A.'s mother R. made it for her.

To be clear: the woman who, when my grandfather wrote to his brother asking to visit said, we're not having those people (JW's, that is) in my house, made a bag for her daughter, well: I have that bag now. I will cherish it forever, and the folding back together over time of the wounded family, which I really believe -- and which A. believes -- would have made the two brothers (her father and my grandfather) very happy.

After lunch, we visited Bourtange. R. and I went there in 2004. It is a star shaped fortification that has been restored and they do reenactments part of the year, and there are museums the whole year. The kids were tolerant; we visited all the little museums. The best part was the nerf cannons, where we got to shoot each other. Best museum exhibit ever! Altho the ride-on crane with the view of the wet lands around the fortification was neat, too.

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