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Some years ago, I decided I didn't want the ugly metal filing cabinets around any more. I failed. I failed because they didn't belong to me, and most of what was in them didn't belong to me. I did succeed in banishing them to the unfinished space, but I regard the whole fiasco as ... well, a fiasco.

In the course of getting my stuff out of the ugly metal filing cabinets and/or out of deteriorating bankers boxes from the 1980s or thereabouts, I wound up creating some caskets of paperwork. Some of the contents of the caskets was financial paperwork. I knew when I created these caskets that they were that: containers for the dead. And recently, one of these containers over flowed and I decided that as long as I was decluttering, I might as well take a poke at that.

One of the first steps I took was to go through a bunch of particularly bulky financial paperwork which is especially useless and just pre-emptively put it, unexamined, into the recycling bin. I sort of filled the recycling bin with this sort of thing. And that cleared up enough space I could have just ignored the rest. But I thought, what the heck. I'm here anyway. So I started reading some of the less bulky items to see what they were like. After I read some of them, I had a _very_ clear idea of whether any of it was worth saving (answer: absolutely not). So a few more cubic inches went into the recycling. The bulky and the not so bulky both had the virtue of No Account Numbers Or Addresses on them. Yay! No shredding required. The rest of the casket, not so much.

I starting to really get a handle on how much it takes to get the Staples brand shredder to overheat. And this -- in conjunction with the massive volume of paperwork cranked out by brokerage houses in the pre-bust 2000s -- is why the paperwork is in a casket instead of cross-cut and bagged and in a landfill somewhere.

But you know, I have things I can do in between shredding bouts while waiting for this thing to cool off again. I may actually get through the backlog.

Date: 2017-08-07 06:36 pm (UTC)
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I have actually been known to cut out addresses and numbers from papers and put those in a bag for shredding/pulping, while the rest goes straight into recycle. Got rid of masses of old bank statements that way a while back.

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