Sep. 21st, 2017

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I made the navy bean and barley salad today; it turned out pretty well. I had it with cole slaw and the bacon and brussels sprouts, all served on a bed of romaine, for lunch.

I made a second loaf of suikerbrood; it turned out way better than the first time. I made some small changes, not enough to justify this big a difference, so I'm a little confused.

R. and I had date night (T.'s sitter watched both kids, yay!) and went to Woods Hill Table. If I hadn't gotten a reservation, we would have gone to Less Than Greater Than (speakeasy in Hudson), so that's _definitely_ where we are going next time. We had a lovely meal: the tamworth pork (the canteloupe puree was particularly excellent), ray oysters on the half shell, the mesclun salad, I had the broccoli rabe in all its garlicky glory, and the salmon poke. We had the coconut sorbet for dessert. He had a mezcal drink and then a vieux carre and brandy with dessert; I had two rye manhattans; they used the 12 year whistlepig.

The service was excellent as always, and quiet until towards the end when the dinner rush showed up (we had a 5:45 -- things get busy around 7 p.m.).

The kids went to Julie's Place for dinner.

A. had the day off of school, because of rosh hashanah. T. had school. We need to start remembering his sneakers on Thursday for gym. She played roblox all day. I cooked beans, did laundry, ran roomba, cleaned the stove and talked to J. on the phone for a couple hours. Really, it was a great day all around.

I did do a little Yellowstone trip planning -- didn't make any reservations, but did do some research.

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