Sep. 12th, 2017

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I was feeling kind of awful Monday and today, altho by the end of the day starting to feel a bit better. Nothing specific -- just kind of sore and a little sniffly.

I ran roomba, and finished reading the third In Death Book (J.D. Robb); hopefully a review will follow.

I had my Dutch lesson for the first time in a while; that was nice, and I got a walk with A. I also walked later with M.
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I had breakfast with A. at the Blackbird Cafe in Groton, followed by a walk on the rail trail. Very nice! Her knee had been bothering her but after doing PT for a while it is all better now!

Later I had a lovely chat with my friend K.

I also walked with M.

Feeling kind of run down today, not sure why. R. is also.

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