Sep. 8th, 2017

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Yesterday and today, I continued to go through my newly stocked filing cabinet and shred / recycle. I've run lubricant sheets through the shredder at intervals, and it hasn't overheated yet. Maintenance, FTW!

Today, "Trash Can Willys" came by to get the piano. On their website, one gets the impression that getting rid of a piano will cost around $200. They asked how big it was, so I measured the height (it's an upright) and said it was a little over 4 feet, and quoted me $370. They showed up, said I should have measured the width, and it was going to be $450. I did not tip them. They did not scrap the floors, which is Not Nothing. The website emphasized how they try to recycle; these guys said it was going straight to the dump -- I don't blame them, it is a 1903 Chickering with a weird and unrepairable action, and when we had it tuned a decade ago it was deemed pretty much Not a Piano Anyone Would Want to Buy (at the time, and increasingly over the years, more keys had quit resulting in any sound). Sad, but gone.

I have a lovely phone call with my friend K. She told me there is a Thing now where you can get something that lets your dog call your phone -- like, a video call via Skype. Weird! Hard to imagine that being a good idea, but very funny. The potential for relentless calling and begging seems entirely out of control.

I walked with M.

I went through a bin in the basement that contains a couple photo boxes. One contains discs with scans and also developed film. I _probably_ should get rid of that, because I've uploaded to Flickr everything that I want uploaded to Flickr from this lot. But it is hard to let go of and not doing any harm down there. The other photo box contains actual prints. I went through those (I've done this before, but I was a lot more ruthless this time) and only kept ones where I knew the people and didn't have really awful thoughts about the people, and a very few landscape / plant photographs. I also took this box upstairs and emptied out a thin album of hiking photos (similarly purging them while I was at it) because the shelf of photo albums has gotten too crowded. And then I collected the box with leftover Holiday Cards (the ones I have made up through Snapfish or whatever each year) and the stack of accordion photo thingies from the photographer each year, dumped them into the newly created space in the photo box and returned it to its bin. I got the photo albums to fit onto their single shelf again (yay!) and got a little space back in my office from the box of cards and the accordion books. One of the reasons the photo albums overflowed was because I finally got all of the J.M. prints out of the box in that same place in my office and into an album.

R. is off to return leftover tile from the shower, and to stop at the piano store and try out a Yamaha hybrid we are discussing (and maybe other things, but I told him I'm not just buying a straight acoustic), and to donate some things to Savers.

Part of moving the piano out of the house meant that things that were sitting on the piano had to find new homes. A picture went to the bar, so things had to come off the bar -- an ice bucket set of cocktail equipment went to Savers (we never use it -- we have other things we prefer). The bicycle guy went to the case we store DVDs in, so the electronic picture frame went into a donation / recycle box. The lounge light went to the top of the bookcase and the games on the top of that case went into a different shelf of games. The light that was on top of the piano went out to the front hallway (it looks really good there -- that may be permanent). So there was some downstream rearranging and purging triggered by the piano purge. There is an incomplete painting project that is now on the table in the living room, for R. and A. to work on this weekend.

Now that the trash and recycling has been picked up, I can move bags of shredded paper and recycled paper along. I may pause the decluttering project for a bit. I got so tired I took a nap today.

Oh, and I got R. to extract the film from an ancient camera for me, and mailed it off to Darkroom. Who knows what I'll get back. I _think_ it dates from some time in college, but we'll find out. Or we won't, if it is too badly deteriorated.

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