Sep. 3rd, 2017

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R. and T. went to Lowe's and Bed Bath and Beyond in Hudson. They came back with suction cup based shower caddies, which look nice and are pretty good for what they are. I've also ordered more permanent (Nie Wieder Bohren) to install with adhesive. R. also got a curtain and a tension rod, so we can now actually use the shower. Despite having taken a shower earlier in the day, T. was so excited it was all set up and ready to use that he beat R. and I to taking the first shower.

R. got take out from Battle Road Brew Pub in Maynard. O.M.G. truly excellent BBQ. The beans and greens are particularly amazing. The slaw is not safe for me. The ribs, chicken and pulled pork are also excellent. And of course the beer is good, but I didn't have any. Fries were not going to be the sort the kids like and they are salty, but the spices are really nice.

I bought Duck Tour tickets for T. and his sitter to use tomorrow. They have all kinds of fun planned.

No horse today; rain. So basically A. and I never did leave the house.
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Subtitled: Clean and Clutter-Free in 15 Minutes a Day

I've been meaning to review this for a while now, and of course I finally get around to reviewing in while I'm in the middle of Yet Another Decluttering book so I'll probably mix them up.

Aarssen, like oh so many writers in this genre, takes pains to explain how she didn't start out organized, she was such a slob etc. etc. but then she finally figured out a way to make this work and if SHE can do it then ANYONE can. Also, simple organizing solutions means Even Kids Can Put Stuff Away.

I'm not sure I believe it; she ran an in home day care for some years. I'm thinking there may actually be some magic.

In any advice, she has a great tone and wonderful momentum. The book carries you right along and she is enjoyable to listen to. She is relatable, and emphasizes loving what you have and figuring out how to incrementally move it in the direction you want it to go, rather than getting spending hours on Pinterest or wherever looking at super perfect things that you will never have and that wouldn't work well in your life even if you did.

It is interesting reading Aarssen and then Amanda Sullivan's _Organized Enough_. Aarssen is a big believer in incremental laundry morning and night; Sullivan has a do this stuff on one day and other stuff on a different day of the week strategy. Neither is particularly doctrinaire -- they are more about establishing habits than about _what_ habit. But I highlight this one because Aarssen is very much about daily habits and Sullivan is about larger blocks of time.

In case it isn't obvious, this is essentially a non-fiction genre that is a form of brainless mind-candy for me. Altho like almost anything that I consume as brainless mind-candy, over time I become more critical and start to question the underpinnings of the entire genre. Right now, the fact that all these books attack the Container Store (by name, mind you, in some detail) makes me wonder what on earth is going on here.

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