Jun. 21st, 2017

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Today was T.'s half day. I did the long walk by myself. I did the short walk with M. I ate lunch at home (chicken salad -- still eating the leftovers, but they are going to need to be finished soon or they will go bad). We stopped at Starbucks, where T. is now getting an apple juice box instead of hot chocolate and I am getting iced tea. We went to gymnastics -- next lesson will be the last one before the break, which might be short or might be long. T. wants to do some day camps there rather than try to continue his lesson in the summer which often doesn't work out anyway.

I had a great phone call with my sister while doing the long walk a second time. So I got 7 miles on the road today! To be clear: I don't run. I walk. And not very fast. But it was nice to have a not too hot, not buggy, not too humid day.

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