Jun. 17th, 2017

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We all went to Cars 3. There was a point in the movie where I was, oh, don't make this about Lightning McQueen winning again. Please. And they didn't! It was awesome! Cruz (his "trainer") Ramirez and Lightning McQueen go on a whirlwind tour of places from McQueen's and Doc Hudson's past, a beach race, a demolition derby, the racing center (not in that order), all in an effort to help McQueen somehow figure out a way back to is winning ways. Of course it won't work -- all the rookies have new tech in their favor. And this isn't a movie about upgrading one's body.

Nope. This is a movie about the developmental arc, so after revisiting when Hudson mentored McQueen, McQueen gets to try his own hand at _being_ a mentor.

I am pleased to note that they put in numerous women characters. In addition to Cruz, we get Louise, the school bus at the demolition derby, the data analyst. The snarky lawyer. Etc.

After the movie, R. and T. went to Chelmsford for one birthday party (they brought the peanut butter brownies I made that I love too much and A. doesn't much care for, but which people at the party thought were great) and A. and I went to Acton (near the Boxboro town line) for another birthday party.

They all had had lunch at McDonald's before the movie, while I stayed at the house a bit longer to finish up some laundry and eat there (we had to bring two cars either way because we split up after). And I got dinner and a drink at home after the party (it was pizza and cake, so not much for me to eat beyond some apple slices and celery sticks and chips, none of which I actually got around to eating). So it was another day in a weird streak of eating my own cooking.

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