May. 30th, 2017

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I had a Dutch lesson today! I am slowly figuring out a bit more of the regular version of NOS Journaal -- we used to watch the kids' version and about the time I could actually sort of understand that, we moved to the regular one and it has been a struggle. Maybe someday!

I did a 3 mile walk this morning by myself. I walked with A. and the dogs. And then I walked with M. (no dog). So lots of walking today.

T.'s sitter canceled, so I have both kids home now.

I'll try to do catch-up blogging later this evening or soon. We went to opening weekend Santa's Village / StoryLand. It was pleasant. I got the photos downloaded today. Season digital pass at StoryLand worked partly, and after one round of email it worked the rest of the way. I really like that -- that and the 20% merch and food discount with the premium pass are a good deal, if you can tolerate the line wait.

ETA: Lots of walking! We walked to Julie's Place for dinner later on.

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