May. 24th, 2017

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One of T.'s teachers recommended he stay home today because it is a half day. So yesterday I called around and canceled everything. CASE came to pick him up anyway, and they called when we failed to notice the van. I wound up talking to the person I had called the previous day. Not my fault.

But because of that, I got paranoid and started double checking the cancels.

I walked with M. (and the dog P.). I also did a loop (1 mile) by myself. I did a load of laundry. I made T. quesadillas for lunch. I failed to find any vanilla yoplait yogurt (or organic celery) at Roche Bros. when I went shopping today, but I did find most of the other items on my list.

I somehow failed to put water in the kettle before putting it on to boil. Any other pot this would have utterly destroyed. This one seemed fine, so I carefully added water and made my tea. Then I noticed a flake in it, and I thought, oh, gee. I wonder if there is some kind of ceramic lining that has now come up. A closer investigation revealed flakes of whatever that was all over the stove top. So I vacuumed it up, took a look at the pits on the pot, and made tea in a microwave safe measuring cup (one of those big pyrex ones). Not sure what to do. I could order another pot like what I have. I may see if we have something stashed away in the basement as a duplicate that I could just start using.

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