May. 16th, 2017

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No Dutch again this week. He is in Seattle! I am somewhat jealous.

I walked with M. A. and I also went around the block (she scootered and I walked). Later, we scootered to Julie's Place for dinner.

My sister is looking for a non-Frozen Don't Break the Ice. We have one, so I had R. package it up. I later realized that wasn't going to work, because the resulting package made way too many interesting sounds.

ETA: Almost forgot! I got my bike out and rode it to the hardware store (lazy! a mere quarter mile). I wanted to donate some books, a game, a CD, etc. But the Red Cross bin and the Discover Books bin were both overflowing. Managed to call in the latter, but never did figure out how to call in the Red Cross one.

Also, I picked up some bathroom cleaner (a lysol with citric acid for bathrooms). I used it to clean the tub and the shower, and I got them _clean_ -- they were reflective by the time I was done. Also, I learned the caulking between the shower enclosure and the pan was not as good as I had thought. After some contemplation, I contacted someone I found online to get a quote on redoing it as a tiled shower, which is what we had always wanted anyway. He was responsive, so I'm now waiting for a formal quote. Probably should go pick out some tile next.

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