Apr. 30th, 2017

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This morning, T. had track. It was a beautiful day for it. Unlike yesterday, it was cool and sunny instead of hot, muggy and sunny.

After track, T. and I stopped at Duluth Trading Post. I have never been in one of those before. I was sort of expecting a cut-rate Cabela's, but that's not quite what it is. In some ways, it felt like a store aimed at people who avoid shopping. I was there because in my current quest to fit into a carry on and not be fully dependent on laundry facilities, I wanted some technical underwear, and rumor had it Duluth's Buck Naked line was ideal. They offered free shipping to the store, and I took it so I could peek in with low commitment. There was a lot of plaid in there, on the signs if not on the gear. Friendly greeter, people there working, not a ton of customers, well laid out, clean, etc. But I am having a hard time getting over the fact that when I placed the online order, I never got a confirm. It was the _one_ time I didn't religiously print or cut and paste the screen confirm so I wound up having to do customer service chat to get the order number. The notification to pick it up did arrive in my email.

After that, T. and I went to Applebee's and had lunch. Then we stopped at Michael's, where I bought glitter glue for a project of A.'s where the glitter glue had dried out (hair clips -- thank you, K.!). While there, I got more pink pony beads and some elastic cord (purple and pink and glittery) and a box to put everything in. Then I bought some t-shirts and other things at Kohl's. Then we went to the horse.

A., M. and I went around the block together. A. scootered. M. and I walked.

We all had dinner at Crossroads together. After dinner, I got email from a credit card company asking if I'd really been shopping at walmart.com, bestbuy.com and something or other called sp daily steals (a little foreshadowing there). Nope. So I called the back of my card and we started that process.

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