Apr. 23rd, 2017

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It was tough getting up this morning to take T. to track. He got up fine unlike yesterday when I was up and he wasn't. Go figure. We went straight to Applebee's because going home wouldn't have made much sense. We stalled for a while, then went to Kohl's where I bought some t-shirts and a couple summer weight pants/capris. Then it was off to the horse, where I have a lovely convo with my friend M.

Once we were home, M. (walking partner) and I walked and hung out. It is good to be back in the routine. We had dinner at home. The kids had baths/showers. I helped finish up the interview with a grandparent for A.'s homework assignment. A couple questions had arisen while doing that with my father, so I sent him photos from the visit and also some information about someone he had remembered who was a friend and a collateral relative -- nice to do a bit of genealogy.

I stumbled across a yearbook for my father's high school when he was there, and found one of his pictures. That was kind of funny -- bow tie and all.

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