Apr. 22nd, 2017

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Today, I took T. to martial arts. I actually got up before him. He was pretty wiped out by the time change, I think. I really like the studio in Hudson -- really good men running that place. We stopped at the bank and the grocery store on the way home. Then I hung out with A. I made cole slaw, salad, bacon, and butternut squash soup. We had lunch at home. I pulled the taco makings out of the freezer for T. A. had the cooked bacon in the fridge while I was cooking the next rasher. Later, I took A. to Julie's Place for dinner. By that time, I had run the dishwasher and spotted some sort of bug (I thought it was a roach; turned out it was a wolf spider) in the display. I had two drinks at dinner, with the whole clam app, fries and cole slaw.

T. and R. went ice skating, then to the Cheesecake Factory. They overserve the up manhattan -- presumably a confused bartender. This happens. 8 ounces of manhattan is Wrong, I don't care how you get there, it is Not Right. R. posted the photo to FB, and this engendered a discussion in which I wound up suggesting that someone should be serving their horse mint juleps instead of manhattans -- of course they had already done this and the video was on YouTube. Because. I used to work with this person. There is something seriously wrong with my former profession. Or really, really, really right in my world. I'm not sure which, but we are all in agreement that 6 manhattans is way too many. Which is a start.

R. disassembled the door of the dishwasher, the wolf spider ran away, and he put it all back together again and it continues to work just fine. I ran set the downstairs up for Roomba and R. ran it; so maybe the floor will have fewer crumbs on it now.

I feel we have settled back in nicely after the trip. We are unpacked, laundry is done, things are going okay.

ETA: I thought today, why aren't there oral irrigators that work off of water pressure, with no need for motors/batteries/electric power? A little research found a couple versions of this on Amazon. I ordered one. I will review it later. As expected, much smaller than the ones that have power and a reservoir.

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