Apr. 20th, 2017

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Possibly the weirdest day of my life.

Crazy busy day. We started at Mari's Place in Everett (Mari is my cousin by marriage). When she was starting out (before getting her non-profit status), I had loaned her some money. I converted the loan to a donation. Saw lots of great art done by the kids she works with. I would love to help her set up an Etsy store but I'd prefer someone else to handle all the inevitable IT issues. Lunch at McDonalds in Shoreline. Walked around in Boeing Creek Park and found some trouble (crossed the crick in the wrong place). Slightly late to my father's house. My second oldest sister was there. I suggested we work on A.'s homework, which was questions about a grandparent's childhood: what was your house like, your clothes, your school, your toys, etc. C. thought we were then going to see our mother. No chance of that. Pics and then out of there. C. wanted contact info. Hmmm. We then went to visit cousin J. He had a cold and seemed a little out of it, but it was good to see him. R., T. and J. had gone to see Real Estate at the Show Box the night before. J. and R. have a beautiful house. Their dog (rescue Chihauhua) is awesome. We went for a brief walk. R. came by at the end. T. -- "new" cousin, older half-sister of G.'s boys, contacted me via ancestry; I confirmed her father's identity to her and suggested she call me on Monday. Got laundry finished up. Late for dinner with T. and K. We had a great time at book group (Ada's Technical Books classic sf book group, _Her Smoke Rose Up Forever_ by Tiptree was the selection) and hanging out. T. is really tall. Westland whisky is okay. Nice walk home. T. had already packed up.

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