Feb. 15th, 2017

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I wanted to blog about this before I forgot. I walked to the bank rather than do the 3 mile loop again. I figured I saw M. doing it the other day so presumably the sidewalks were mostly plowed. And they were, indeed, mostly plowed.

On the way back from the bank (I needed cash for T.'s hair dye job which will be later this afternoon -- he gets a streak of color put in that looks cool. All his idea, except the selection of who does it, which the babysitter came up with. I think they are going to an Aveda salon in Hudson but I could be wrong), I saw the line of cars on Mass Ave, some exiting the schools, some just caught up in the jam of cars exiting the schools. You know how you see people doing their hair, makeup, maybe running an electric shaver around their chin when stuck in traffic? I saw a guy combing his 'stache. That was awesome.

ETA: It was T.'s half day. I picked him up and took him to Starbucks for hot chocolate and coffee, then it was off to gymnastics. After that, we went to Whole Foods. Later, he went and got his red stripe put in his hair again with the sitter.

A. has a winter break reading assignment instead of homework this week/next week. She was super excited to work on it, so we read a bunch of a couple travel guides that I had been meaning to go through with her and/or T. Then we went to McDonald's for dinner.

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