Feb. 13th, 2017

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Today, neither kid had school. Fortunately, we knew this early enough to turn off alarms and sleep in. So that was something. Also, my breakfast with A. was canceled, which I would have had to do with the kids home anyway. And my book group was canceled, which was not unexpected. The kids and I had lunch at Julie's. R. went to work. The kids were mostly okay, altho a little bored.

I asked R. to put more wiper fluid into my car's reservoir -- it was at least a quart down.

I had a nice conversation with K. on the phone. And two phone conversations with my sister. The kids and I went to the grocery store. R. took T. to CVS to buy gum. He has been chewing on his shirt collars again; the gum was discussed with his teacher as a possible redirect.

I'm _really_ hoping things will be a bit more back to normal tomorrow.

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