Feb. 6th, 2017

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I took T. to the dermatologist. As I believe has happened before, later in the day he threw up. I don't get this. I guess it could be stress. I guess it could be that he somehow gets some of the treatment onto his fingers and then into his mouth (altho in this case, I think it was _just_ freezing on the warts, not anything else, but I could be wrong) and that upsets his stomach. It is weird. No school for him on Tuesday, I guess.

I got to walk with M. It was cold and windy, but otherwise nice weather.

I had lunch at home, because I was thinking I could go out to dinner, since we had two sitters. I had a somewhat abbreviated but nice phone call with K. (shortened because my headache was getting worse) and A. didn't answer the phone. I lay down for a nap, and when R. got home and I asked him to go get takeout because I just felt too awful to want to leave the house. Food helped, but I went to bed early and that helped more.

R. had a really bad headache that lasted most of a day a few days ago. Could be this is Yet Another Virus that this winter has been so generous with.

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