Jun. 12th, 2017

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The kids had school. I got a couple short walks but mostly stayed inside because it was hot. I got some laundry done and read the epilog for _Animal Vegetable Mineral_, since it was clear I wasn't going to finish the book.

J. suggested maybe I wanted to reschedule the photo session for the kids because of the heat (Red faces and cranky does not make for good photos). So instead of abbreviated time with sitters, the kids stayed out. T. went swimming at Sudbury. A. went to Wonder Woman in Lowell and then Chili's.

Meanwhile, I had dinner at home, and then went to book group. All the regulars and one new person showed up. We had a great discussion. I stopped at Idylwilde and bought strawberries from Hadley, goat cheese from Hubbardston and bread from Adams.

I also had a lovely phone conversation with my friend K.

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