May. 15th, 2017

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I had two sitters, and R. came home a little early from work, so we went out to a quick dinner at Not Your Average Joe's. Then it was off to book group, which was enjoyable as always. I had finished the book well in advance (_Gaudy Night_), so I had a lot of time to think of good questions to offer up for conversation.

For a book that a lot of people did not finish (which is always fine, and I actually think some of the most insightful comments on a book come from people who really enjoy reading and do it often for their own purposes, but who find it completely impossible to connect with a book), and which generated very polar positions, there was no rancor at all in the conversation, and there was generally a lot of agreement about what was going on with the book. As with nearly everyone who reads both Christie and Sayers, this group agreed that whatever they thought of each book, Sayers' writing was far superior, and her characters a lot more engaging and believable.

ETA: In more mundane matters, I ran roomba downstairs, cleaned surface, and went for some walks.

Also, the play therapist had a schedule conflict with our usual Thursday session, so she came over today, and A. and the therapist did crafts. Mostly that meant working on decorating one of the dozen pink headbands I bought her.

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