May. 5th, 2017

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Friday was a busy day. R. and I dropped off my car at the dealer in hopes of getting new tires put on. This was not entirely successful. I had called a few days earlier to order tires, but didn't know what I needed, and what they came up with (and they are the ones who put the winter tires on a few months back, so they have complete records on the car) was not right. They tried to text me, but there was a transcription problem with the phone number or perhaps they texted the land line -- it's not totally clear.

In any event, they gave me a loaner and I get my car back on Saturday with the new tires, and all 4 winter tires for storage over the next few months.

In the meantime, R. and I went to Nashua to go to the dentist. A friend had invited me to meet her and her mother-in-law, who is Dutch, for coffee and a chat. We had a lovely time at Riverwalk Cafe. The super muffin there is milk product free and gluten free and it tastes good. M. (mother-in-law of friend N.) and I chatted a bit about Efteling and said "Papier hier" very excitedly at each other, as people who love Efteling are wont to do.

After that, R. and I went to Shiru Kiku, which continues to be completely awesome. Then back to the dealer to get the bad news. R. continued home to meet the kids while I waited for the loaner.

Once home, we turned T. over to the sitter. A. stayed with us and after a bit, a different M. and her two kids showed up for a playdate, eventually followed by yet another M. (husband of second M.). We got takeout from Benjarong. After a while, O. and second M. went home, while M. (husband of second M.), I. (his daughter), R. and A. all went to the Gates Ice Cream Social. They came back with face paint and a vanilla cake from the cake walk. In the mean time, I cleaned up from the play date and went to bed early after T. got home.

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