May. 3rd, 2017

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This morning, I woke up to learn that DND on my phone protected me from learning about a plumbing incident at my condo in Seattle. This time, it was one of those mysterious food stuff coming up through the drains in the master bathroom. Pre-remodel, this showed up in the left hand sink and occasionally the right hand sink. Post-remodel, apparently this now shows up in the bidet (which raises some questions about whether that bidet is to code or not -- or whether that really matters). I wrote a check to reimburse for the late night plumber call (apparently that's running over a thousand dollars now in Seattle -- so if you've got a kid who doesn't really want to work in an office, think about pointing them at plumbing as a career).

T. had his half day, so I walked with M. in the morning. Then I picked T. up and we went to Starbucks. After that, I took him to gymnastics. He said he needed yogurt, so we went to Roche Bros. After that, we hung out at home until A. got home. T. went with the sitter to his eye therapy appointment. I took A. shoe shopping for her visit to Boxborough Schoolhouse. She's supposed to dress up like colonial era or early 19th century or something. This initially pissed me off, but then I reframed it as Look, it's an Extra Halloween with a Theme! and then I was fine with it. We ordered a costume off Amazon, but we had bad luck with the shoes we ordered not fitting, so I figured we'd try on shoes in person. This did not work. Michael's Shoes in Acton doesn't carry kids shoes and their women's only goes down to size 7. Kmart didn't have anything appropriate -- but boy, they've really cleaned that store up. We bought a bunch of underwear and socks for her there. It was a genuinely pleasant shopping experience where I could find things, and there were things we wanted to buy in her size. Amazing! I have no idea if they've turned it around in time to avoid a complete crash and burn, but this is night and day different from just a year ago. TJ Maxx had very little kids anything, altho we did buy a Shopkins pillow with markers that you can color, then run through the dryer to set the colors. Kind of cool.

We had dinner at Julie's Place again, and scootered there and back and also around the block.

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