Apr. 16th, 2017

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Breakfast out of the kitchen. Snacks out of the kitchen. There's an electric tea kettle, which is nice. Had a hard time sleeping, kind of worried about R. (not my husband or my sister) because still thinking it might have been a stroke. Little bit of a mystery, but things are going great. It's hard to get an MRI done on Easter Sunday. T. and I visited her for a half hour or so and forgot a charger. She's definitely seeming better; now confusion is pretty within range for not enough sleep. Cousins canceled probably both Sunday and Monday. But a different cousin (who won't make it to dinner tomorrow) came over around 10:30. R. went for walk. Feeling like lunch time at 9:30 or so so split an apple fritter from Whole Foods (vegan) with R.

Cousin brought flowers and chocolates for the children. We had a lovely conversation, tacos for lunch and hung out. I made him a manhattan with the good cherries. Bummed I didn't get to meet his girlfriend/partner; maybe next time.

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