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Revise Energy soaked up the entire morning. They're going to do some more insulation and similar around the basement and the attic. That'll be nice. They also swapped a bunch of light bulbs for LEDs; they dim a lot better.

I took A. up to the baby sitter around noon. Then R. and I got a quick lunch at home. I walked with M. After the walk, R. and I went to Hudson to go to Lowe's to get fertilizer, a shower faucet and a smaller bin for road trips for food, that can serve as a place to set things while driving. After that, we went to Horseshoe for an early dinner.

I had learned about the Less Than Greater Than bar in the Microcreamery from J. at the liquor store in Acton next to NYAJ. So we went over there a little after 5 p.m. (so really early). We got a Little Italy, an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan -- I think the Little Italy was the best but they were all good. R. got one of the pork belly tacos; it smelled fantastic. The staff is fun, the ambience is impeccable and of course they take their cocktails very, very seriously.
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