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T. and R. went ice skating today.

T. had a substitute teacher for his martial arts; it went well. Then we hung out for a bit, stopped and got sandwiches at Subway, and caught an 11:10 Real3d showing of Wonder Woman at Solomon Pond. It was wonderful! Not a full theater at all, so hopefully you can find a not too crowded opportunity to see Wonder Woman as well. Or not! Full is fun, too. Funny, very humane, beautiful and well acted. Everything you could want in a movie, so don't let the DC curse put you off. I'm now really looking forward to Justice League, because she might be enough to save that thing.

I'm still trying to decide whether to bring A. to see it. She liked watching the old TV series. This is obviously a lot more violent, but I'm okay with the morality of it, so I'll talk to her and see what she thinks. We can always wait for iTunes, too.

ETA: Stripped and made three beds today.

Date: 2017-06-04 07:30 pm (UTC)
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Not a full theatre at all

Odd, that.  It seems to happen a lot these days.

I'll watch the movie before I say anything about it; the trailer looked interesting.  [Why World War I and not -II?]  Tho' it was nice to see Etta Candy resurrected yet again.  Talk about “the hero of another story”!

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