Sep. 14th, 2017

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Last night I made hummous, starting with sesame seeds (stored in the freezer, so they didn't go rancid. Yay!) and chickpeas. I left _out_ garlic / onion / etc., so R. could have some. I had forgotten just what a pain it was to clean the coffee grinder and blender after doing this.

I also started last night and finished today baked beans. I could have cooked the beans more and they probably should have been a few more beans for the amount of bacon I put in. R. ate them tho, since I left the onion out of them.

When I went downstairs to have tuna salad sandwich for lunch with cole slaw and salad, I noticed that there was a puddle on the floor next to the sink. I'd already mopped one up, thinking it had leaked off the counter, but there was no way there had been further dripping on the counter going onto the floor. I checked under the sink -- good fraction of an inch of water. I cleared it out, dried it out, called Papalia. They offered an appointment for tomorrow; I asked if there was any way to get something sooner. And because they are amazing people, they got me someone in about an hour and fifteen minutes, so he was able to get it all fixed by the time I was due at the play date for A. I got a lot more than just a new garbage disposal -- plumbing inspection, two toilets pulled and reset (one I was nearly ready to call to have done, the other one wasn't that bad) and AC maintenance scheduled for Monday. Oh, and some kind of down-the-drain cleaner in a bucket that isn't Draino and is safe for PVC pipes and so forth. It was kind of awesome to get the wiggly toilets stabilized, altho I could have done without the leaking garbage disposal. We used this opportunity to edit some of what was stored under the sink.f

ETA: T.'s sitter was running a little late, so my walk with M. was a little late. T. and his sitter went to Acton Funeral Home, because he has many, many questions about things and the sitter has gotten quite clever about asking people to answer my son's questions. I am sort of in awe of his childhood. He's spent time with the police (toured a cell and the back of a cop car), people at the courthouse, and now the funeral home. I have no idea what's next, but I'm looking forward to hearing about it, whatever it is.

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