Sep. 5th, 2017

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Today was A.'s first day of school. T. and his sitter went to the beach. It was kind of muggy out, and it never did cool down. It was a slightly crazy day as I had a vacation planning window start at 7 a.m. that I got up early to do, then I called CASE transportation to figure out what the status on A.'s transportation actually was. I got her up, dressed, fed and then R. dropped the two of us off at the school so I could hang out with her until I could hand her off to someone else. Once I was home again, I talked to J., and then I looked at the bus schedules and called the regular transportation department to confirm what I thought I understood from the schedule. So tomorrow will be her first day on the regular school bus.

A little before 11 (which is when that window started), a guy came from Country Glass to measure the shower for a glass door; so that is progressing.

I requested a pickup for the piano that we are (finally) going to get rid of and hopefully replace. I want to get a hybrid. I found the Samick Ebony Neo, but R. was concerned about .. I'm not sure. After some discussion, and not really getting what the issue was (future proofing, whether it would "feel" like a "real" piano, should we just get a keyboard so we could move it around the house -- which had been my first plan, but he wanted an acoustic, so this was my solution to satisfy both), I finally found a Yamaha Nu1, and while he wants to visit one in a shop and see what it feels like, absent someone telling us this is a horrible idea, I think that's what we'll be getting. It seems to hit a sweet spot of quality furniture appearance, potential social hub and ability to play without disturbing others by hooking up headphones.

We've been talking about doing this forever, it seems, but I was reluctant to bring something really nice into the house and have it be destroyed by the kids. Waiting seemed like it might get us to a point where the kids would be able to play it without damaging thing. Also, the 1903 Chickering upright with the weird action that this is replacing is deteriorating pretty noticeably.

I also purged a bunch of financial files.

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