Sep. 1st, 2017

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R. went to the dentist today. I got a walk with M. T. went with the sitter. A. and I had a relatively quiet day at home. R., A. and I went to Crossroads for dinner. There was a wait, so A. and I went next door to the dollar tree where we got a ludicrous amount of candy and plastic for $7.09, and A. had fun chatting with an adorable 5 year old who was with her grandmother doing back to school shopping.

ETA: I think this was the day I made the banana bread. I used ginger and cinnamon. It turned out really pretty.

ETAYA: This is definitely the day of the bed shuffle. We took the bunk beds apart in T.'s room. We moved the futon from A.'s room back up to the third floor (undoing a key element of the previous bed shuffle). We moved the _double_ bed to A.'s room (so that's not what was there before; she had the single from the bunk beds before). And we set the single up in T.'s room with his new, black, privacy pop tent. So A.'s has a pink double and T. has a black single privacy pop tent. They make "bunk bed" size different from the regular size. I did not order that and possibly I should have. We had to take the poles out from the bottom of the tent because they don't fit properly into the bunk beds.

The third floor now has its couch back, which is probably a good thing; certainly, if the S. family were to come visit again (hint hint!) we could readily put them up on the third floor again. Had they come in between these two rearrangings, some of them would have been on the third floor and some would have been on the first floor on the sofa bed.

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