Aug. 29th, 2017

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It turns out I bought slightly the wrong stain for the deck -- it will need two coats because I bought the water based rather than the oil based. But it apparently didn't need primer, so at least I can quit worrying about that. It looks nice after the first coat; it'll just take a little longer to get the second coat on.

I asked the painter about doing the painting around the shower renovation; he's game to do it, altho not sure when.

I took A. to a playdate today. So that's three days in a row: birthday party on Sunday, play date at a playground on Monday, play date at a friend's house with a pool today. Tomorrow will be a birthday party that T. will be attending. Fingers crossed it is okay to bring A. also.

We also had an inspection for the work done by Revise as part of the Mass Saves program. The Bee Guy, however, did not put in an appearance; maybe tomorrow.
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We went to Efteling, and I didn't understand how to get to Symbolica (it is _through_ Octopus! Silly me!) during the half hour before regular hours for people staying on property. Oh well! We did a lot of rides, and I bought the photo pass. We went back to the room to rest, and then later with swimming. A. didn't realize that 1,3 m meant More Than 4 Feet Deep, so she got over her 4 Feet Deep phobia and had a ton of fun.

Then we went _back_ to the park to see what it looked like after dark, when we realized it was open really late. Lots of fun, but exhausting.

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