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We were all half asleep when we landed. We retrieved R.'s checked bag without difficulty; I kept me and the kids back a ways so as not to distract him, but he would have let it slide by anyway except I called out to him to grab it. So I drove the rental car.

He navigated using google maps and the car GPS (we had them set the language to English). We arrived at Efteling but could not go into our room until 3 p.m. (this is always so sad, because I want nothing more than a nap when I arrive 6 hours earlier in the day).

We did go on some rides. I took A. on Droomvlucht, and it started pouring down rain when we came out. We tried to wait it out, but we got soaked. We went to Bosrijk and I changed us in the loo, but I took too long changing and she wandered off which scared me half to death. She has never done that before. After that, we just sat in the car until it was time to check in. It was blissfully quiet and no chance of anyone disappearing.

I tried to eat some lunch at Octopus, but I was still half asleep, and couldn't tolerate the smoked salmon sandwich I picked out and I think it had cream cheese on it anyway. Oh well!
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