Jul. 16th, 2017

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No track today, because T. had track yesterday. I actually slept in until almost 9. Bliss!

T. wanted to go to McDonald's today. We got him a haircut first, because he was looking a little shaggy. Then we dropped some things off at the library (2 books, one I read and reviewed already; the other I abandoned rapidly when I realized it was really awful; one DVD that didn't play. If they had been open, I would have gone in and shown them the problem with the disc. Didn't feel like hanging onto the disc long enough to go back again, so I just left it in the drop). After that we got lunch at McDonald's, so he could get the Happy Meal Toy with Balthazar Bratt's Rad Speed Boat from D3. We had a long discussion about super villains in this and previous despicable movies. We keep saying Benjamin Bratt, but that was the guy who did the voice of El Macho in D2.

Then we went to Roche Bros to get groceries. We dropped them off at home, and then went to the horse.

At Roche Bros, I stopped T. from running ahead and potentially tripping up a gentleman who had some kind of movement disorder -- looked like Parkinson's, of course you can never tell just at a glance with a total stranger. The gentleman said as I went by that he wasn't drunk, he had Parkinson's. I circled back to reassure him I hadn't thought he was, but I was trying to teach my son who had autism to be careful of other people and to give them the time they need. I said I had extended family with Parkinson's (true) and had assumed that was the case here. We wound up chatting on and off as we kept re-encountering each other in the store. Some other parent had commented within his hearing to a child that he's had "one too many". That's a real shame. He said he's missed taking his medication. All I could think of -- didn't say it -- was that I was glad he had medication that was generally pretty effective. That's not always the case. I have a lot of trouble finding the line between being "I see you as a human" -- something that a lot of people with visible disabilities benefit from, because so many people immediately avert their eyes -- and getting up into people's business. Today seemed to work out, which was really nice.

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