Jun. 20th, 2017

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Despite the Patricia Briggs debacle, I persist in trying to find a new series to enjoy. This one was available for free via kindle unlimited, and started out strong. Nothing rape-y, and in fact the smart ass heroine makes some really amusing comments about consent issues in someone else's relationship.

Alas, upon reflection, I realized that this is one of a number of series in which the heroine has Special Powers from her father, who was in no way involved in her upbringing. Other examples include: Mercedes by Briggs, Kate by Andrews, Pia by Harrison -- and I'm betting you can think of more. In this case, as with Kate, the heroine is hiding from Dear Old Dad, because he is a god and there will be repercussions if he finds out she is alive / exists. In Briggs and Harrison, dad is dead. I'm sure that this is a Thing that appeals to other people, but I would sort of like to now have a Kick Ass and Take Names Heroine (who is never raped, thank you very much) whose dad was alive for her upbringing and was generally a good guy. Andrews has supplied this in the billionaire / Osiris series, altho dad is dead in that series, too. But it really shows up in the storytelling, because the heroine is that much less of an emotional relationship basket case than pretty much all of the other series I've rattled off here.

Actual review: HEY SPOILERS! Don't tell anyone you know what her powers are or she'll have to kill you to keep Lucifer from finding out about her.

Mid-20s bounty hunter, living in the "Brink" and able to access the "Realm" which she generally stays out of. Some vampires steal her "mark", so she's broke and has to take a case she otherwise wouldn't, partnered with an elder vampire. She goes to meet him in the "Realm" in the vampire "Lair" and then they go -- really, I am not making this up and I did NOT confuse this with the Thea Harrison series -- find out who has been messing with the unicorns and stealing their blood.

This book might be slightly derivative. Or, you know, great minds think alike. You decide.

The very, very, very best thing about this book -- and it is almost but not quite enough to get me to commit to reading the next entry -- is the dual mage couple that alas does not show up for a while. Once Callie and Dizzy are on page, however, I totally lost interest in the heroine, because Callie and Dizzy are completely awesome. I mean, when was the last time you read an urban fantasy with mid 60s mages, married to each other, complaining about each other's habits, and generally wreaking havoc whenever they want. If Breene ever produces a short or -- better still -- a full length novel about Callie and Dizzy when they are at least middle-aged, but better still, this age or older (I don't want a prequel with them being young), I would read that and reread that and reread that again.

If you are a huge Breene fan and think there are other reasons I should keep reading or try something else by Breene, let me know. I'm just kind of over the OMG the vamp makes me want to humpety hump but I Must Not theme. Over. And. Done.

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