Jun. 19th, 2017

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After school, we waited for T.'s sitter to arrive and turned A. over to her. Then T. and I went to Subway to get him a lunch for his next day's outing. After briefly returning home to pop that in the fridge, we went to Paparazzi's in Concord (that doesn't look right. Hmmm.) and I had a pizza and T. had a grilled cheese. They list their vermouth and they have bulleit rye, so I had a really nice rye manhattan with a twist, because I called the vermouth and the whisky. Yum. If only they had Luxardo's. I'm going to turn into that person who brings her own cherries when she goes out drinking. I can see this in my future.


Then we drove down to the Seaport and parked in the EDIC garage on drydock. No cash -- cards only. Interesting! I made a point of memorizing where I parked and a good thing too, because we saw other people later who had forgotten. We went to Blue Hills Bank Pavilion to see Gallant and John Legend. It poured down rain during the concert, but there is a big tent so I didn't even notice anything at all until we left and the ground was wet.

If you like John Legend at all, you should try to see one of his shows. There are a variety of reasons (it's a good show and his music is pleasant; production is excellent and Legend and his dancers are highly attractive), but the most compelling reason to go see him in concert is the audience. That is the classiest audience possible that is still really fun. It was fantastic -- great vibe, people all sat during the quiet songs and got up and danced when that made sense. People took pictures but were not annoying about it. It felt really safe. People on either side of us chatted before and between sets and after, but not in an intrusive way. When we saw them on the way to the garage after, we continued chatting and it wasn't awkward. It was more like a party where you don't know anyone but everyone is really nice and you're super happy to meet people. I have no idea why this show was like this -- other shows are great, but not in this way -- but it was a wonderful experience.

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