Jun. 16th, 2017

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R. got a bike ride. I had hoped to go pick up the tile in Natick but we didn't get around to it. My regular Friday phone call with K. was rescheduled to Sunday. I used some of the excess fresh herbs from the roast chicken two days ago and made herb bread with some of the hard red. I need to use up the hard red so I can justify buying Turkey Red (a different hard red, and I've finally found a source!). I'll be making bread for the foreseeable future. It turned out well. I just made a blob (I suppose this is called something, but I don't know what -- maybe a boule?).

I had bought a dry aged rib eye when I bought the chicken on Tuesday, so we had that for dinner. I made summer pickle with the greenhouse baby cukes I saw at Roche. We had salad, the herb bread, a summer squash, leftover root vegetables from the roast chicken, fried tomato, and mushrooms. It was extremely yum. I took a picture and posted it on facebook because honestly, that was a fair amount of work even ignoring the peanut butter brownies A. talked me into making before we cooked the dinner. She didn't like the peanut butter brownies very much. I like them way too much, so it's just as well I was full before I had the first one.

Ran roomba downstairs because there were crumbs everywhere. Did some laundry. Took a nap. I did walk with M., and we hung out for a bit. I'm hoping this cold doesn't get too serious. Colds are annoying. Colds on top of allergies doubly so. My face kind of hurts. :(

ETA: If you are keeping track, there is one 3x3 brownie leftover from the regular brownies, most of a single layer cake from a box mix, and all but 2 peanut butter brownies from a 9x13 pan of peanut butter brownies. There are a couple of events tomorrow that we will be attending (G.'s bday in Chelmsford and F.'s bday here in Acton). I'm thinking I may package up some of these delicious baked goodies and inflict them on someone else's waistline.

ETAYA: R. posted a picture on facebook of what used to be a spackled ding in our downstairs hallway. Welcome to our house, I guess! After some discussion, I said, just bring the right can of paint up and I'll do it. He put some painter's tape over the baseboard in case I was sloppy. I put a rag towel on the floor for a similar reason. Two dings have now been completely hidden. We have to now track down the less obvious ones in the house so I can get those. Apparently, I've had a more productive day than I realized.

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