Jun. 15th, 2017

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I used yesterday's roasted chicken to make chicken salad sandwiches. Yum.

I had a lovely phone convo, possibly the last regular one for a while, with J. Our kids are all getting out of school and thus schedule will be very disrupted for a while.

A. had a playdate. They girls all swam in the pool for about an hour. A. really didn't want to leave.

After that, we returned to the house, for play therapy. A. wanted to make a cake, so I got out a box. It turned out okay, altho not as good as what I make. What do you expect from an allergy friendly cake, tho, especially one trying to remove milk AND eggs?

The sitter took A. away after that, and R. and I had dinner at Rapscallion. I had the mussels app and the hummous plate app. He had the salmon, which had a couscous side with, unfortunately for him, entirely too many red onions.

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