Jun. 14th, 2017

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Today is T.'s half day. I walked by myself. I walked with M. I prepped the veg for chicken in a bundt pan, then realized I had too much veg. Fortunately, last night R. dug up a Beer Can Chicken Stand he'd had sitting around for 20 years or thereabouts. And we have Sierra Nevada in cans in the fridge.

So after taking T. to Starbucks, where the temperature dictated me getting an iced tea instead of a coffee, and then gymnastics, where I happily perused my copy of _Catalogues and Counters_ and played Farmville 2: Country Escape, I stuck a pan of bacon in the oven and finished assembling the beer can chicken.

The first and perhaps most important step of beer can chicken is, you have to do something with half of the beer. They suggest pouring it out. I feel that if you are tempted to pour beer down the drain, you shouldn't be cooking with beer that bad. I drank half that Sierra Nevada, and I must say it improved the afternoon.

After that, the veg was tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper. I pushed some of the fennel into the other end of the chicken along with some fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme and sage -- honestly, I haven't done anything this culinary in so long I had almost forgotten I knew how). I put the chicken on the beer can (which I'd already placed in the stand) and then tried to put the whole thing in the oven.

Oh, right. Bird is taller in that position.

So the top rack went below the bacon, the bacon moved down and the bird went onto where the bacon had been cooking. Here's hoping that if A. objects to the smell of beer can chicken, the bacon will overwhelm it. Fingers crossed. [ETA: corrected when / went word-o; A. was completely fine with the smell of the cooking chicken. She thought it looked like a person and wanted to watch YouTube videos of people doing the chicken dance. She has an odd sense of humor.]

We also have brownies that we baked last night, to console her, if necessary.

T. will be off with the sitter in about 45 minutes. I expect A. to arrive very soon.

ETA: I described beer can chicken and bundt pan chicken and the evolution of the relative snob value of beer in a can vs beer in a bottle as opposed to which is actually better for the beer. M. laughed and compared it to an SNL skit. Beer can chicken is funny in name -- but describing it is even better. I'd forgotten this originally was a rotisserie chicken on a grill hack. I'm using an oven. Which is probably stupid, but whatever.

ETAYA: I wound up letting the chicken cook a little too long, but I'd turned the temperature down earlier so it hardly mattered. The veg was a little oily but in a really good way. I made a maple mustard dipping sauce for the chicken for me. I'm looking forward to having the chicken breast in chicken salad sandwiches. Pretty much all of the chicken other than the breast has been eaten.

ETAYA still more: Despite enjoying drinking half a Sierra Nevada while prepping the bird, I sort of regret wasting the rest of the beer.


Next time, I'll use the same stand I used this time (that R. has had forever), and skip the beer. Actually, I _won't_ skip the beer. I'll drink it and recycle the can responsibly, rather than shoving it up the bird's posterior.

If you want your own Chick Can rack, apparently you can still buy them.


I'll try to remember the next time I use it, how well it does without the beer can.

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