Jun. 11th, 2017

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On Sunday, I took T. to track. I waited in the car, and when it got a little warm and the clouds went away, I moved to the passenger seat in the shade and put my umbrella up in the driver's seat to keep the sun out. It was still basically pleasant, but I was happy I wasn't the one running. T. was fine tho. He gets red in the face, but otherwise suffers no obvious ill effect from the heat or sun. I did remember to put sunblock on him, tho.

Then we went to a Joanne Fabric to look for the studs or whatever you call replaceable buttons like on tuxedo shirts. I want to use them to make DIY jibbitz. But they didn't have them either. Oh well. I noticed an H Mart, so we bought some fortune cookies for A., some ginger candy for R., some red bean mochi for R. and me. That was fun, but we couldn't buy the good stuff because it was hot and I didn't have a cooler.

Next up was Applebee's. While we were having lunch, R. texted me saying the horse for T. had been canceled due to heat.

The kitchen floor was irritatingly dirty, so after dinner later on, R. and I cleaned up and put the chairs up so we could run roomba. He even got the beacons out so I didn't have to improvise a bunch of barricades to keep roomba in the kitchen.

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