Jun. 10th, 2017

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It was tough getting up after a late night, but that's okay. I took T. to martial arts, where I dropped him off while I looked for parking. Hudson has its community festival today. T. and R. went later in the day again to watch the Lucky Duck race, in which he has raffle ticket 100. Which is a pretty cool number to have.

We went home, got stuff for the horse show (boots, helmet, jeans) and dropped off martial arts equipment (gi, shoes, etc.) and refilled the water bottles. I took T. to the horse, and we stopped at Subway on the way, where we each got 6" subs (I got a veggie and he got ham and cheese). A. and R. met us there. A., T., T.'s riding partner A. and another kid were in group 6 together. The other kid was way better than everyone else. But everyone has improved from last year, so that's nice.

After that, I took A. home, and T. and R. went back to Hudson. After feeding her some lunch, and getting her out of her horse-y clothes, I dusted the master (again, without bothering to dust anywhere else in the house. Shows where my priorities are) and vacuumed the car. I also ate some more, because by 2 p.m. I was starving.

It's not clear who will be taking T. to Captain Underpants. I think they were planning on going ice skating after the duck race / raffle, so we won't see them for a bit.

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