Jun. 5th, 2017

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I got a 3 mile walk by myself. M. and I hung out but did not walk; it drizzled all day long. I did laundry. I cleaned kitchen surfaces and ran roomba in the kitchen. I took the compost out. Then I tried to clean the two bottles we keep olive oil in. I tried dish detergent. I tried Bar Keeper's Friend (liquid). No dice. But laundry detergent did a good job. My sister suggested Borax. I may try that later. That tacky oil residue is tricky to get rid of, but it turns out that when I think of cleaning as a gigantic chemistry experiment, it winds up being all kinds of fun. Who knew? I'm a mad scientist at heart.

We had dinner at Tavern in the Square in Littleton at the Point. We had two sitters.

I am finally reading Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series. I'm in the middle of the third book. A friend recommended it because of how I described my reading tastes, and based on her (college aged) daughter really liking them. But while the books are well written and very involving, I kind of hate them. And not in that good sort of dirty / guilty pleasures sort of way. It has been really hard to figure out why I hate them. Here are the current candidate theories:


(1) Mercy is the only woman / all other women don't like her. This is not totally true. Her boyfriend / mate's daughter Jesse and her get along fine, and she's starting to connect with Honey, a woman werewolf. But there are a _lot_ of men for how many women there are. I prefer women characters who have women friends. CF Kate and Andrea by Ilona Andrews. And the many, many, many women in the Jeanine Frost books. Etc.

(2) Euro / Americo centrism. There _are_ african american characters. Darryl, Adam's second, is black. (And the third is gay -- which sets off some of my token alarms). But the magic systems are set up as European vs. American (Native American). What, no hoodoo? No Asian magic? No African magic? Nothing Caribbean? What's that all about?

(3) In general, I wind up stopping every few paragraphs going, wait, who is that? I have a _really_ hard time remembering who the characters are by name. This is _not_ a problem I normally have. Quite the contrary. Many, many times book group people have said they had this problem and kept a notebook cheat sheet to manage it. I don't have this problem. I have this problem with this series. I don't know why.

(4) Overly complex plotting. I _do_ like my romance with some other story involved. Or my other story with some romance. Chocolate and peanut butter. But honestly, I'm three books in, and I'm only now getting some good kisses. Where is the sex? And why are we spending _this_ _much_ _time_ on complex plots that fundamentally don't make any sense? I mean, Gerry's ridiculously over-thought plot to convince his dad to fight Bran. What The Fuck? And Andre and/or Marsilia's many year build up involving another city to create a crude serial murderer demon/sorceror hybrid? These are not people who have any self control or pre-planning ability at all. And we are supposed to believe they did this? Why would I believe this?

(5) Mercy's inferiority complex. She is treated with so much respect and her least hunch is treated with exaggerated seriousness by every werewolf in sight. And then she goes, no one respects me. Oh, woe. Seriously?

I will continue to read at least through this book (#3). But it is awful. It's another one of those ridiculous Which Boy Will She Pick series, with all kinds of politics riding on who she chooses to bang. Aggravated by backstory (boy, and is that some stupid backstory. "He never really loved me!" SERIOUSLY!). I half wish it wasn't so engagingly written. Most of these series I can happily blow off. This one, I should not have started, but I'll keep going until I have a decent handle on just why it is so Not My Catnip.

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