Jun. 2nd, 2017

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I got a three mile walk by myself and a one mile walk with M. I meant to go tile shopping with R., but I had a visit from M.L. from NACPM instead, which is, as always, wonderful.

T. and I went to Via Lago for dinner. Then it was down to the Garden for Chainsmokers. Because he wanted to go to Via Lago (he always does with his sitter on Fridays), we drove, so we prepaid for parking (altho I missed using the AAA discount, because I put off buying parking a little too late) instead of taking the train. Honestly, I prefer taking the train, but it was nice to be able to stay through the end of the show, instead of leaving a bit early to catch the last train.

Kiara opened. Daya showed up for her song with Chainsmokers. Someone else showed up too -- didn't catch her name. Very young crowd (not as young as T., but def college age and younger for the most part). Very party atmosphere, rather than a show. It was okay, but hard to sync with, because it just isn't the kind of thing I have ever done.

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