May. 29th, 2017

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We packed up in the morning and went to StoryLand. We got the other three plastic card passes, since there were few people in the park. We did a few rides -- both coasters, the kids did turtles. A. really wanted Dippin' Dots again (she'd had those and an ice cream sundae the day before, followed by more ice cream after dinner. Jeez.), and the little stand wasn't open so she kept begging to go to Pixie Kitchen to get them there. So we did. Since there were no lines anywhere, I asked for the allergy binder and read it. Turns out there are dairy free dippin' dots (who knew? The ices, basically). I didn't get them. I did, however, check the fried dough, and got that. I should have shared it with R., but he wanted to get his own. And then I followed up my bad judgment with a burger for lunch. I tried to get it without the fries and failed. I did manage to not eat all the fries.

We left around noon. The drive home -- and this is so typical -- was a lot busier than the drive up. We got home before 5 p.m., and without having had dinner, but we had enough food (in us from that excessive lunch, and in the fridge) that we didn't go out but instead ate at home. We got unpacked and did some laundry and went to bed early.

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