May. 27th, 2017

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We drove to Santa's Village today. The kids both did the Elfabet game; this might be one of the last years they still enjoy doing that, altho you never know. We work really hard not to tell the kids when they are too old to do something; I'm a big believer in extracting every little bit of enjoyment out of the developmental process and honestly, I'm still kind of pissed at being told I was too old to watch Mr. Rogers when I was about A.'s age so this is basically me rebelling.

We got dinner at Applebee's, again, we've done that so many times even the waitress remembered us from last Columbus Day, I think. After that, we went outlet shopping at stores that start with the letter 'C' -- I felt like I was in an episode of Sesame Street. A. wanted some Shopkins stuff at Claire's, and T. bought a new phone case (looks like a movie theatre popcorn, which is pretty awesome). Then we went to the Crocs store, where I bought Wonder Woman crocs, among more practical choices, and the kids went slightly nuts for Jibbitz (the little things that can be pressed into the holes of classic crocs to decorate them).

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