May. 22nd, 2017

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I did not walk with M., as it was persistently drizzling. However, I did a short loop by myself, and later with R.

T. had a dermatology appointment. R. took him. They forgot to tell the van driver, so I had to go out and apologize. I got A. out the door okay. She came home without her rain boots, however, which is going to be a slightly problem in the morning. Oh well.

T., R., and I went to Not Your Average Joe's for dinner.

I roomba'd the downstairs. I made banana muffins to deal with the overripe bananas. T. had quesadillas for lunch (he came home early because of all the coughing).

A. hung out with C. and went to BB Kidz and 99.

ETA: T. and I decluttered his closet. He tried on a bunch of pants and jackets, and got rid of some, washed some, and ordered a couple of new things.

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