May. 21st, 2017

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T. is still sick. We had canceled track yesterday and canceled the horse today. He wants to cancel dermatology tomorrow morning, and I'm like, no.

I got a nice walk and chat with M.

I had taco for lunch. I made pasta (had to toss a bag of whole wheat that had gone bad, but some of the semolina was just fine) with red sauce for me (a NSA but with garlic, onion, green herbs in a can), chicken and artichoke hearts for him and two kinds of mushrooms cooked in vermouth and olive oil for both of us. Oh, and there was some red bell pepper in there. Tasty! I made quesadillas for T. A. had bacon, club crackers, carrots, raisins and an applesauce squeezer (she'd had mcdonalds for lunch).

After dinner, A. was asking Alexa to play music for her, so I jumped in and inflicted some Elvis on everyone. From there, we segued to The Band, ELO ("Mr Blue Sky", because Guardians!), England Dan and John Ford Coley, etc. Lots of fun dancing with my daughter! I feel like it may have been inappropriate to enjoy dancing with her to Jackson Browne's Red Neck Friend, but she doesn't understand the lyrics so they are unlikely to harm her.

I sure love "The Weight". Probably shouldn't love it so very much, but there it is.
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Unemployment is very low, and yet by all measures, there isn't any wage pressure to speak of. That means the measurements are wrong. I've been explaining it like this: boomers (who are at the end of their career, have tons of experience, and are thus expensive) are finally retiring. Millenials (who are at the beginning of their careers, have education but little experience and who are desperate for employment and are thus cheap) are being hired to replace them. The net effect is negative or nothing in terms of wage growth. But not in a bad way. Finally, someone officially is saying the same thing! Yay!

With statistics!

They are so much smarter than me, so even if you think I am full of shit, maybe you will show them the respect they deserve.

This could go on for a long while. As it happens, it will have several effects. While we will lose the benefit of decades of experience on the part of retirees, we will gain in education (as the replacement Millenials are being hired with the ridiculous expectations created during the bust) -- and innovation energy. And all of this will happen with no net cost to corporations or the economy. This should continue to fuel what is turning out to be The Longest Boom Evah. Great reference in the article to the "Silver Tsunami".

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