May. 20th, 2017

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T. was coughing and sneezing too much to inflict on his martial arts instructor who has done absolutely nothing to deserve such treatment. We did not cancel the playdate at Altitude, altho T. sat out a lot of the jumping in favor of staring at his phone on a bench. A. and T.'s riding partner A. played a bunch. Then we all went to the 99 that was very close by.

We went home, I experimented further with the citric acid. R. decided that 6% by weight was not the same as 6% molarity, so we tried a 10 ounce citric acid granules per 16 ounces of water solution. That did better, but it's pretty clear that while it has dealt with the hard water residue on the shower door (beautifully, in fact) it doesn't really do much for soap residue. Detergent is probably a better bet for that. A few rounds of that cut it way down, and I finished up with one round of relatively non-toxic glass cleaner. I now have a relatively clean shower door and the bathroom does not smell like ammonium (because none was used). In fact, the bathroom doesn't smell like much of anything, which is sort of amazing.

We had tickets to Diary of a Wimpy Kid: the Long Haul (different cast than the earlier Wimpy Kid movies, which I have not seen), so T. and I did that. I lost my car keyfob while reclining and was unable to retrieve it. An usher helped me get it back after the movie (those huge recliners can be leaned up, basically, sort of like some car seats. Who knew?).

T. and I went to Cheesecake Factory and sat outside. Partway through, we got them to turn on the heater, but then it was a little too much so we shifted around a little to not fall over from the warmth. Service was fast.

A., R. and I went around the block in the morning before the playdate. R. and I each went around by ourselves after T. and I came back after dinner. On my walk, I had a nice conversation with my sister; she'd taken the kids out to a mall in Manassas that has managed to survive by replacing stores with things like laser tag, go karts, arcade, etc. R. went out to a show.

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