May. 18th, 2017

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No play therapy today, as noted that was on Monday. I had a nice conversation with J., altho both of us seem to be a bit under the weather. I went for a three mile walk between 9 and a little after 10, and even that early in the morning it was still hot. My fingers swelled up enough I stopped just after West Acton to take my wedding ring off, lest that become an ER visit.

M. volunteers at the big library on Thursdays, so our walk would normally be at 2, however, it was A.'s half day and she had a playdate. So we were at the big library at 1:30, waiting for her friends. They arrived, decided it was too warm and we all trooped into the library to hang out there for a while in air conditioned splendor. That was fun, but eventually they wanted something more active. Fortunately, there were clouds, so it didn't feel as hot even tho it was.

Now I have two sitters, so I am putting my swollen feet up and hoping that it will cool down, even tho all the predictions are that it's still getting hotter for the next couple hours. Ugh.

ETA: A. and I finished _Ozma of Oz_. We are looking forward to the next book in the series.

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