May. 14th, 2017

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Track was canceled (cancellation was announced yesterday). The horse was canceled (yesterday evening). It _poured_ last night and has been drizzling all day today. So it was a good call on both parts.

I hate going to restaurants on busy days of the year: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, New Year's Eve. I've done all of those, and had horrifying experiences with waits and allergies and everything else. It's miserable, crowded, expensive and neither the food nor the service is all that great.

Yet A. wanted to go to Crossroads for lunch, and she announced this before noon, when they were due to open. Off we went, to line up at the door in hopes that we'd get a seat and not everything would be reserved ahead of time. We got in, but were immediately asked to leave, because it turns out the fire trucks _were_ for Crossroads. *sigh* They were there until around 2 p.m., based on R. listening to the scanner online. A. and I went home as soon as we heard they'd seen smoke. We were prepared. We had ham for T.'s sandwich. We had bacon and other things for A. I had another tuna fish sandwich.

A. and I made brownies from scratch, because she wanted brownies, and once upon a time, I used to actually cook things instead of make things from boxes and make reservations. I also made coffee and poured Cointreau in it, because if it is going to be a day of random requests and interruptions, I might as well adjust my frame of mind to match.

Last night, T. asked which year we went to WDW with J. and J. and their two children. I wasn't sure, and after checking paper calendars AND my blog, I _still_ wasn't sure (apparently, when I anonymize, I am thorough about it). I asked him to call J., who answered with what I had _thought_ was the right answer, but wasn't completely sure. J. commented that maybe I could put a note in my phone. Without really thinking about it, I said, I actually created a google doc of family travel to deal with the last set of questions like this. I went to update it -- and the trip with J&J was the last one in the doc. And _IT_ didn't mention J&J.

So I'm now updating that document. It'll take a while. In the meantime, I got to wondering why it got out of date. And I have an answer! I started my walking program (got the Watch and started really ramping street mileage) right after that trip. Between that, the roller coaster ride that was my brief friendship with D., and the downhill slide ending in the housecleaner's death followed by me taking over that task, I've let a lot of the Sit At Computer And Write Stuff tasks slip away. Here's hoping I can start to recover them. I've finally been doing more genealogy, too.

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