May. 13th, 2017

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Tomorrow, it is supposed to rain. A lot. So T.'s track has already canceled. I'm waiting for both kids' horse to cancel as well. Or heck, maybe they don't do Mother's Day anyway? I don't recall at the moment.

I took T. to martial arts this morning. He finally got his gi! I may be more excited about this than him. They worked on blocking form today. I also got an enrollment form, somewhat belatedly, that I need to fill out. Once we got home, he wanted me to buy tickets for Diary of a Wimpy Kid next week. He also wanted to see the SunPass transponder. A. had some requests as well. I got a little overwhelmed. And I think I am allergic to the roses that T. very kindly got me for Mother's Day. Isn't that just like Murphy?

I decluttered the magnetic board in the kitchen, and got R. to fill out the rest of the extended school year paperwork for T. The ESY paperwork for A. is via google, but it is broken so we'll get a new link on Monday and try then. Among other requests, A. wants to give a bunch of jewelry (plastic bead stuff, mostly) to a couple friends of hers. So we decluttered a couple boxes and a storage case on her dresser. There is still approximately a metric ton (<-- hyperbole) of cheap plastic jewelry, but it is probably a third less than what was there before.

The purple and pink leggings I ordered her arrived, along with the many, many pink socks. I got sick of arguing with her about whether the socks we bought at k-mart were pink enough, so I bought a bunch of entirely pink socks online. Turns out she prefers hot pink to pastel pink. *sigh* I then decluttered her sock drawer. I am pretty sure I've done this at least twice before in the last month.

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