May. 12th, 2017

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I completely failed to mention that I ran roomba upstairs over the last couple of days.

I got a three mile walk with R. after he took a nap and then decided he didn't want a 3rd ride in cool weather this week. I got a one mile walk with M. So that's three days in a row, I think. I'm pleased. I had been missing the longer walks and am happy to get back to them.

I'm just about down with the latest JAK novel. It's set in California between the wars, during the early talkies / studio dominated era. That's an unusual time frame for JAK; there isn't a lot of evidence she's planning on doing more in this era, but I would like it if she did. She used a lot of her research into magic shows/carnivals (that shows up in her Jayne Castle books) in its native time frame, which is kind of fun.

I've been obsessing a bit over the possibility that the laptop/tablet ban might be extended to transatlantic flights from Europe to the US. The dimensions used on the existing bans (UK's ban, etc.) would seem to preclude bringing even a kindle paperwhite or oasis on board a plane. I am not worried too much about me or my son, however, A. uses an iPad and if that's not allowed, I'll have to load a lot of stuff onto an iPod and bring that for her. R. is unconvinced the electronics ban will be extended, however -- there's been a lot of pushback and a lot of people pointing out that stashing electronics in checked baggage doesn't exactly fix the problem.

I also lost a pair of nice ear buds (wired ones); I ordered some wireless ones (the new Forzas). One strategy to deal with the ban would be to upgrade my phone to a plus and put a bunch of stuff on it to keep A. occupied.

ETA: We went grocery shopping at Roche (R., A. and I). Then we ate at home. I had the ambitious plan to go into all open (mostly digital -- kindle pre-orders) orders and fix the payment information on Amazon. Nope. I can find the orders. I can click on a button to change the payment information, but an unknown error keeps happening. It says, reload or try again. Yeah, that's not accomplishing anything at all. *sigh* Apparently, I have to either cancel entirely, or wait for the order to fail, _then_ fix the payment information.

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